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About 25 years ago PMS pioneered the Ruby Nozzle technology to the paper industry, contributing to an optimization in a small but important section of paper production.

Today we are the market leader and supply our customers worldwide with High Pressure Nozzles, Edge Trimming Nozzles, Trimming Systems and PMS pump systems. Our aim is to meet our customers' requirements at the paper machine, no matter if it is for single nozzles or complete systems.

Our website is supposed to give you a general overview of our products. 



Since early October 2015 PMS belongs to the IBS-PPG group. PMS will maintain its facilities, its crew, its production program and its image without any alteration, but optimized by the future common work under the IBS umbrella. More news will be published shortly!


Consequent – low cost and high performance: The trim nozzle for all cases where a simple pipe with a female 3/8“ thread is fitted, and the nozzle has its own filter element.

Original PMS quality! Single, double or triple jet Ruby Nozzle with flat or bevelled tip. Adjustable for jet alignment.

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"Nozzle cleaning and checking their performance in the mill"

We should like to help our customers checking their existing PMS trim nozzles and HP shower nozzles for good performance, after periodical cleaning.

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"Newcomer". S2 is the first high-pressure double jet nozzle invented by PMS. Another milestone in PMS nozzle technology. Easy to use, simple to adjust, it reduces water consumption and enhances performance at the same time. Patented. Curious?

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"SuperTrim XS"

Simplified. The new PMS edge trimming system SuperTrim XS. PMS slimline edge trimming system. Robust, safe and easy to use. For all those who do not want to resign PMS quality! Probably the perfect solution especially for you!

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