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What is jet quality and how can it be checked?

When the jet is bundled and there are no turbulences caused by different speeds at the flow profile. A good jet quality can be identified by sharp outlines. The jet itself is clear. To check the jet quality you need a stroboscope with 45 – 55 Hz.

When and why do edge trimming nozzles soil?

The loss in quality of the jet causes turbulences that lead to pulsations at the web. This "drumfire“ raises fibers that sediment at the nozzle.

What is important for reducing clogging of edge trimming nozzles?

A nozzle with a perfect jet quality, the number of jets (single, double or triple jet) and the suitable jet diameter need to be considered carefully. Apart from that the geometry and the position of the edge trimming nozzle are also important.

What angle of the Maschinenquerrichtung does PMS recommend?

The angle depends on the machine layout, the production speed, the raw material in use, the available water pressure and the paper or cardboard grade that will be produced.

Why is the distance between nozzle and wire important and on what does it depend?

The jet length should not be too shorts as  this encases the risk of clogging of the edge trimming nozzle. If the jet length is too long the risk of turbulences of the jet encases with the runtime.

What jet diameter should be used?

The jet diameter depends on the grammage, the available water pressure, the paper grade and the machine speed.

What pump type does PMS recommend?

Single-level piston pump that is dimensioned for the according water quantity.

What water pressure should be available?

For most paper machines a pressure of 25 bar is sufficient, optimal is 40 bar because you do not need any compromises for choosing an edge trimming nozzle.

How long do PMS edge trimming nozzles last?

PMS edge trimming nozzles last for many years when being well maintained. PMS is the only producer of high pressure nozzles that issues a 2-year-guarantee.

Why does PMS follow a high-pricing-strategy for its nozzles?

PMS ruby nozzles stand for highest possible quality. Each nozzle is manufactured by hand and passes through different quality controls - starting with the check of every single part until the last quality check before shipping. PMS has intruded the ruby nozzle technology to the paper industry and is constantly working at at the further development of this product. PMS ruby nozzles have an unrivaled standard of service life period, quality and durability. PMS ruby nozzles are worth its price!

Why does PMS recommend clearing with a wooden toothpick if a ruby is clogged?

When cleaning ruby nozzles with hard items such as needles or similar, the ruby can be damaged with the needle.

Does PMS provide a cleaning service also for edge trimming nozzles?

PMS offers a cleaning service. This service guarantees a professional cleaning and additional control of the condition of all elementary parts through a high-resolution electron microscope.

How can I check whether clearing of a edge trimming nozzle is necessary?

If the jet quality loosens and the jet becomes turbulent. Use a stroboscope!

What does "VARIO" mean related to edge trimming nozzles?

VARIO in connection with ruby nozzles means that the nozzle with the metric thread and the O-ring is additionally equipped with a 360° revolving joint. This allows an easy, precise and optimal adjustment of the water jets.

How can we improve the Schnittkante of the web?

By choosing the correct edge trimming nozzle considering jet quality, number of jets, the correct geometry and the correct adjustment of the edge trimming nozzle.

How long does it take in average to amortize the investment?

Usually only a few weeks; in seldom cases more than one year. A respective calculation program will show you the payback period. Please ask your PMS application engineer.

Is it possible to improve safety at work with PMS products?

Yes, significantly. For PMS safety at work is one major issue. E.g. at all PMS SuperTrim types the edge trimming nozzles will not be changed over the web within the paper machine  - and the Ausfallzeit of the machine is reduced at the same time.

What possibilities does the paper maker have to influence the edge trimming?

Apart from the choice of the perfect edge trimming nozzle, the paper maker needs to check the jet quality and needs to adjust the geometry correctly.

What kind of water should be used for the application of edge trimming nozzles?

Available and tempered water is excellent (de-ionized or VE-water), town water can be used as an alternative.

What temperature should the water have?

Under ideal conditions the water should have 3 – 5 C° more than the surrounding temperature of the edge trimming nozzle.