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SuperTrim Systems have been developped by PMS especially for positioning the edge trimming nozzles.

SuperTrim systems are reliable and meet all requirements in operation and safety at work. All necessary adjustments can be done from the operator side and without reaching over the running wire. They can be easily dismounted and remounted during stoppages and for replacment of nozzles.

SuperTrim systems ease the adjustment of the precise geometric position of the nozzles and the setting of the correct working pressure. Police filters avoid a clogging of the nozzles.

Today most modern and high-capacity paper machines are equipped with PMS SuperTrim systems – more than 600 machines worldwide.

End-of-Maintenance SuperTrim2003

Production of our SuperTrim2003 model ceased a number of years ago, and as from now not all replacement parts are available any more.

While PMS customers will still receive product support and can still order certain spare parts for SuperTrim2003 systems, individual coordination regarding the necessary parts/required service will be necessary.

We will be glad to assist you regarding a possible upgrade to a more recent PMS product (SuperTrimS).

In case you have any questions, please contact us using our contact form, or by calling +49 781 939970